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Chow Town Foods mission is to provide our clients with an amazing food experience. We firmly believe that the greatest gift a company can give us is the opportunity to serve its employees. Not only do we put an enormous amount of love into the food we prepare but we are committed to delivering impeccable customer service. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected not just in serving up an incredibly tasty menu and around the clock customer care but making sure we give our clients the best rate possible. Furthermore, we take very seriously our customer’s wellness and that’s why we make it a top priority to use clean ingredients always. Equally important to our platform is that we practice sustainability across the board. We hold ourselves accountable to the environment that provides us our resources by purchasing locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, minimizing food waste, recycling, and responsible utility consumption. Quality food and service at a great price is what you’ll get from Chow Town Catering!

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